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Ralph Lauren iPad Case

The Ralph Lauren Newbury iPad case is elegant and chic, and its design allows access to ports and controls, making it easy to charge and sync your iPad without removing it from its case. However if removal is necessary it very easily slides out. Price: $118.

  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Interior slide pocket
  • Interior clear ID window
  • Exterior back leather clip

You can get the Ralph Lauren Newbury iPad Case from amazon.com

rooCASE Dual Station iPad case

Made of genuine leather with suede interior, this case acts as a stand, and you can either position it with a slight angle to type on the virtual keyboard or at a greater angle to watch videos, read magazines, etc. Its design makes it easy to access the iPad's ports and control buttons, so you don't have to take the device out of the case to use it. The rooCASE comes with a (limited) lifetime warranty. Price: $50

Apple iPad Soft-Shell Eva Foam Case by Protec

Made with a rigid EVA foam shell for lightweight protection, this Protec case has a water resistant ballistic nylon exterior and a plush velvet interior lining. Available in Black or Silver.  Price: $30

Hard Candy Cases unveiled a new line for the iPad

Hard Candy Cases, a recent entrant into the notebook/netbook cases market, has announced a new line of cases designed for the iPad. The distinctive line of cases will debut in March. All the cases sport shock absorbing corners and feature integrated lids to protect the Multi-Touch screen. Featured models are:

iPad Hard Sleeve - a rigid EVA-foam case with specially fitted bumpers to keep the iPad in place, a soft interior lining, and a zippered closure. Price: $45.

iPad Bubble Sleeve - A variant of the Hard Case, it offers similar protection, but adds a raised, bubbled outer surface for added shock protection. Price $45.

The iPad Sleek Skin is a form-fitting case made from TPU rubber, featuring a snap-on integrated screen protector that attaches to the rear of the case when not in use and open access to all ports and controls. Price $35.

The iPad Rubber Protect case is made from the same TPU rubber as the Smooth Skin, but offers a more rugged textured design, as well as the Smooth Skins’ snap-on integrated screen protector and open access to all ports and controls. Price $40.

Finally, the iPad Hard Shell is a form-fitting polycarbonate case offering internal rubber bumpers, silicone-covered port access points, and a snap-on screen protector. Price: $50.

All of Hard Candy’s protective solutions for the Apple iPad are available for pre-order now.

Incipio announces Four New iPad Cases

Incipio has come up with a new line of iPad cases and accessories, namely the dermaSHOT, Feather, NGP and duroSHOT DRX.

Incipio's dermaSHOT Silicone Case for your iPad utilizes a new anti-static coating technology and high density silicone rubber that protects the iPad while allowing for full functionality. Coming soon in five colors.
Less than 1mm thick, the Feather is made of an ultra light, ultra strong polymer. It features a soft touch matte finish and includes 2 surface protectors and a cleaning cloth.
NGP, which stands for Next Generation Polymer, is a semi-rigid, soft shell case for the iPad.
The duroSHOT DRX is a two part case - a hardshell acrylic frame embedded in soft and semi-rigid NGP material. The DRX is like the NGP but with a hard shell on the sides.

Apple iPad Sleeve - Wrappers, England

Wrappers will have a range of custom fitted sleeves available when the Apple iPad ships. Designs include new Shrimp Pink canvas backed corduroy and Ralph Lauren check.

Wrappers (Oxford, England) has announced "no logo" protective sleeves for Apple's tablet including five new textiles for the iPad:
  • canvas backed corduroy that feels like faux suede in Midnight, Biscuit and Shrimp Pink £22 / $36
  • durable black and white rafia tested to 33,000 rubs £28 / $45
  • aqua colourway from LVMH Kenzo £25 / $40
  • wool & black velvet mix from Calvin Klein £40 / $65
  • smart checked textile from Ralph Lauren £38 / $61
Wrappers' exclusive Alcantara (£31 / $50), ballistic black nylon Cordura (£16 / $26) and metallic finish polyurethane (£31 / $50) sleeves will also be available for the iPad.

Made from 100% soft materials, Wrappers pillow case sleeve design holds the iPad securely without the need for hard parts (like zips). Their products are made ethically in Oxford, England and because they don't use mass production you can make an input to the design of your purchase by adding your initials, an ID tag or having your own custom made iPad sleeve designed exclusively for you.

TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case

Designed specifically for the iPad, it provides great protection when you get stuck in a rainstorm or accidentally drop you bag on a wet surface. Useful when you use your iPad at the beach, near the pool side, in the bathtub or even at the kitchen table. It was designed so you can operate the keyboard and navigation interface through the case with ease. You can wear the Waterguard case around your neck or shoulder with an adjustable strap.  Price: $19.99

E-volve neoprene shoulder / messenger bag case cover (iPad/notebook)

E-volve neoprene shoulder / messenger bag case cover for netbook / laptop / notebook - 8.9" to 10.2" / (22.86 cm - 25.9 cm) 9 / colour: Red/Black / Compatible with (Apple ipad i-pad)

This stylish e-volve neoprene sleeve has three side pockets (one zipped), padded handles and a removable shoulder strap.  It is made in such a way as to enable you to use your iPad or a notebook (up to 10 inches wide displays) without removing it from the case. Price $35

  • Scratch free interior, with elastic ties to allow you to work with the case attached
  • Suitable for the Apple iPad and devices with dimensions up to 28cm x 20cm x 4cm (10 in  x  8 in  x  1 1/2 in)
  • Handle on top with soft grip with removable shoulder strap
  • 3 side pockets (one zipped)

Two protective cases from LaCie

LaCie has announced new protective cases the LaCie Coat and LaCie ForMoa.

Both of these new cases, designed by the UK-based award winning industrial designer Sam Hecht, are available in black, red, orange, blue and pink. Prices 15$-25$.

Scratch Defense Neoprene Sleeve - by Accessory Power

The Scratch Defense neoprene sleeve is made out of weather-resistant, high-density neoprene (it has been threaded over multiple times to achieve this). The sleeve has a sueded internal lining and an accessory pocket on the front to allow for easy storage and retrieval of your USB power adapter and any other iPad accessories. Price: $19

E-volve reversible neoprene sleeve case cover with designer patterns (iPad/netbook)

The folks at e-volve are now offering neoprene sleeve covers with designer embroidery/patterns on them. Fiting the iPad perfectly, they also fit laptops/netbooks up to size 10 in  x  7 1/2 in  x  1 1/2 in (25cmx 19cm x 4cm). The grey & black cover shown here is named the liquid design.  If you reverse the sleeve cover, colors are reversed as well.
Price: $18

Get it from Amazon: E-volve reversible neoprene sleeve case cover - Liquid design

Other design available:
E-volve reversible neoprene sleeve case cover - Flare design

STM claims its products fit the iPad

Within hours of the announcement of the iPad, Australian company STM had announced that some of its products were perfectly suited for the iPad.

STM claimed that the 9.7-inch (24cm) Apple iPad fits perfectly inside its current extra small sized bags: the micro shoulder bag, xs scout shoulder bag and neoprene glove.

Mivizu reversible neoprene carrying sleeve cover - iPad sleeve cover

This is a neoprene, red & black reversible sleeve from Mivizu. You can use it to carry your iPad safely in any briefcase or backpack; it protects your iPad from bumps, shocks and scratches, and the neoprene exterior is water resistant. This sleeve cover comes with a 1 year warranty from MiniSuit.  Price: $10

  • Neoprene exterior
  • Reversible(red / black)
  • 1 year warranty from MiniSuit

Magnetism Studios announces a pair of sleeves

Magnetism Studios makes a wide range of products, including t-shirts, but is best known for its iPhone applications, including document transfer and storage app File Magnet. The company has announced a pair of sleeves, a Sling and an Envelope.

Magnetism touts the fact that its new AntiGrav iPad bags are made out of warm, natural materials like suede, corduroy, and cotton, not synthetics or plastics. The Sling sports a strap (obviously) and a pocket. The Envelope is just what it sounds like; it's designed to ride inside a larger bag or briefcase. Available colors: chocolate, charcoal, olive. Prices: 129$ for the sling, 99$ for the envelope.

CaseCrown iPad case - The CaseCrown faux suede zip sleeve case for the Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

CaseCrown Faux Suede Zip Sleeve Case (Red) to Protect the Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GBCaseCrown Faux Suede Zip Sleeve Case (Black) to Carry the Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GBCaseCrown Faux Suede Zip Sleeve Case (Navy Blue) to Protect the Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GBCaseCrown Faux Suede Zip Sleeve Case (Fuschia) to Protect the Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

This CaseCrown faux suede sleeve case is a stylish way to protect your iPad. The exterior is a soft yet extremely durable faux suede that is nice to the touch and asthetically pleasing. This case will protect your iPad from scratches, dust, fingerprints, and damage without adding bulk. Easy to slip in and slip out, this case is a handy carrying solution.  Price: $13


  • Slim protection for the Apple iPad
  • Easy access zipper for quick, convenient access.
  • Additional external pocket for accessories storage.
  • Comes in different colors

Get a CaseCrown Faux Suede Sleeve Case from Amazon.com

iPad bags, cases and «wraps» by Skooba Design

Skooba Design has released carrying solutions for the iPad. Here is what Skooba says…

"Step 1: Buy an iPad bag. Step 2: Stare at the empty bag and dream for a few weeks Step 3: Run to the Apple store in a month or two and enjoy your new toy! So everyone is pacing around frantically waiting for the day they can sleep outside the Apple store and be the first to get an iPad. Skooba wants to help… they can ship you the carrying case now, and you can slip your i-prize into it in a month or two. Skooba already has three carrying solutions for the upcoming MacTablets."

There you have it. If you are too impatient to wait to order an iPad, but know you will get one, start buying accessories...

The Netbook/iPad Messenger is a slim, lightweight courier-style shoulder bag with loads of useful pockets. It has a dedicated, padded sleeve that’s perfectly sized for the iPad, with or without Apple’s optional leather folio cover. Available in 4 color combos. Price: $50.

The Neo Sleeve is a stretchy, neoprene (wetsuit material) skin. 4 color combinations, $20.

Skooba RAPS take a different, much simpler (and very economical) approach. These padded squares wrap around your iPad and self-fasten, creating a nearly weightless, bulk-free envelope to protect your iPad in a school bag or briefcase. Other sizes available too, so you can wrap and protect just about anything. Price: $15.

iLuv iPad cases and sleeves

iLuv has unveiled a full line of cases and sleeves for Apple’s forthcoming iPad tablet computer. The iPad cases will be offered in fabric, leather and silicone models, in addition to water resistant neoprene iPad sleeves. The products will be offered in a variety of colors and combinations and will be priced in the $25-$40 range.

Despite the fact that the iPad itself won’t be available from Apple until late March, iLuv says that its iPad accessories will go on sale in February. Learn more about these products at i-luv.com.

Kroo iPad Cases - Melrose, Glove, Envelope, Milan and Cube series

A company called KrooUSA, which makes various cases and accessories for many digital devices, has now announced their Kroo iPad Cases.

The company says that their past experience has shown that Apple’s followers demand high quality protective cases with sleek appeal and they claim that they’ve managed to pull it off at an affordable price point.

The iPad cases are said to have been designed to the highest quality specifications and will be available in 5 series: Melrose, Glove, Envelope, Milan and Cube.

The Gramercy CGB150 Messenger Sling bag - by Cocoon Innovations

Cocoon Innovations today unveiled a sleek messenger sling bag to secure and transport your Apple iPad. The Gramercy is “Apple friendly”, with a windowed media pocket for your iPhone, iPod Touch or if you break out of the Apple family, another type of smartphone or MP3 player.

The bag has a system called GRID-IT, which allows you to arrange your devices and accessories while keeping them protected with a weave of rubberized elastic bands that act as object retainers to keep loose items in place.

 As you can see in the photo it is a vertically designed messenger sling type with an adjustable shoulder strap. It will be available in april. Colors available: black / yellow interior,  gray / orange interior,  and red / brown interior. Price: $30

Mivizu Apple iPad tablet case / neoprene cover

Red Mivizu Apple iPad tablet case neoprene cover for Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB with dual zipper and front pocketBlack Mivizu Apple iPad tablet case neoprene cover for Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB with dual zipper and front pocketPink Mivizu Apple iPad tablet case neoprene cover for Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB with dual zipper and front pocketBlue Mivizu Apple iPad tablet case neoprene cover for Apple iPad Wifi / 3G Model 16GB, 32GB, 64GB with dual zipper and front pocket
This case is extremely light and durable -- perfect for people with a fast-paced lifestyle who are always on the go. This neoprene sleeve has a zipper on top and an elastic strap holder; without the hassle of taking out and replacing your iPad, it gives you the ability to work straight from the case.  Price: $12


  • Neoprene material stretches to accommodate and protect your iPad
  • Comes with a zippered front pouch to hold extra accessories, cables, A/C power adapter
  • Dual Rubber Zipper for quick access
  • Many colors available

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